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Palace Festivals  
Elysia Zeccola National Festivals Director
Bettina Kinski National Festivals Manager
Ally Latimer National Sponsorship Relationship Manager
Lisa Ricketts Festival Marketing & Palace Cinemas PR Manager
Paulette Arvizu National Festivals Events Manager
Marlo Sullivan Film Festivals Assistant
Palace Cinemas  
Antonio Zeccola Executive Chairman
Benjamin Zeccola Chief Executive Officer
Kim Petalas National Programming Director
Sarah Lewis National Programming Manager
Alex Moir National Marketing Manager
Sinead Taranto National Advertising Manager
John Koutsoumis Digital Content Manager
Kristen Fitzgerald Palace Cinemas Art Department
Lilly Ford Operations, People & Performance
Asha Holmes Publicity - Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra/National
Miranda Brown Publicity – Adelaide
Nicola Warman-Flood Publicity – Brisbane
Adriana Begovich Publicity – Perth
Poster Ed Swindells - Imperial Design
Programme Cal Skuthorpe - Imperial Design
Advertising Ed Swindells and Cal Skuthorpe - Imperial Design
Website Simon Lawrence - Arctic Ramen Creative

Our thanks also goes to: Nicolas Whatson, Michael Tait, Paige Diamond and Tony Zrna (Palace Films); Zak Hepburn and Beth Joslin (The Astor Theatre); Justin McCloud and Daniel Iozzi (Palace Cinema Como); Gracie Rees and Letitia Feldt (Palace Balwyn); Michael Tartaglione and William Bainbridge (Palace Brighton Bay); Amanda Bishop, Letitia Tseng, Finn Stewart and Rena Clark (Pentridge Cinema); Alex Castro and Lola Button (Palace Westgarth); Edwina Ryan and Clover Lawrie (Kino Cinema); Steven Nicholls and Jazmin Weatherall (Palace Central); Amy Beauchamp, Cyrus Carandang and  Madeleine Russell (Palace Norton Street); Joanne Watt (Palace Verona); Joanne Watt and Sean Hinds (Chauvel Cinema); Caitlin Culver, Ellie O'Donnell and Anna Cerexhe (Palace Electric); Josh Kelly and Sam Hall (Palace Barracks); Lindy Brown and Michael Raftery (Palace James St); Karen Karpinski and Bel Symons (Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas); the team at Palace Nova Prospect Cinema; Eli Ayo and Briar Rhoades (Palace Byron Bay); Klem Nazier, Kevin Leutenegger and Emily Stewart (Palace Raine Square); Ingrid van den Berghe, Leanne Casellas, Candice Skinner, Wade Taylor and Claudia Cukrov (Luna Cinemas), and everyone at Palace Head Office and Palace Cinemas nationally.