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Cine Latino


How much is freedom worth? Christian (Enzo Vogrincic, A Twelve-Year Night), a promising Uruguayan soccer player, is completely alone and in crisis.

An incident during a match with his country’s national team has left him in the eye of the storm, besieged by fans, and now he is suffering extreme pressure from the media and public opinion. On top of all this, he is forced to honour commitments made by his oppressive father (Rafael Spregelburd, The Adopters) who acts as his manager.

Unable to face his current situation and sheltered in a gated community in Montevideo, for the first time Christian feels the need to escape. He starts a relationship with a neighbour, who shows him life outside the playing field. Exposing the complex universe of professional soccer, the directors Martín Barrenechea and Nicolás Branca build a narrative about the young players’ vulnerable life – filled with uses and abuses by his entourage. An enthralling coming of age about the loneliness of a young man looking for some peace and quiet, 9 explores the power of fame, money, passion and love.

Cine Latino presented by Inspiring Vacations
Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)
Martín Barrenechea & Nicolás Branca
Enzo Vogrincic, Rafael Spregelburd, Sofía Lara
105 min | Drama | Uruguay, Argentina | 2021 | Spanish with English subtitles
The back room of the glamorous world of football.


FIPRESCI Prize, PCI Award,Mar del Plata Film Festival 2021
Best Director, Huelva Latin American Film Festival 2021
Nueva Vision Award, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2022