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Dentists also cry with pain, and not necessarily due to a toothache.

Four dentists, three men and a woman, meet at a yearly dental conference in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. While two of them are old friends and rivals, the other two have only gotten to know each other at past conferences, yet their relationships are not what they seem.

Each of them is running from their own painful story. So, when they escape to a small nearby paradise island where they can party with privacy, the coexistence between the four will erupt. They spend a wild weekend of excess, in which deep secrets are exposed and jealousy and rampage will mark their lives forever.

Best known for co-writing his brother Alfonso’s film Y tu mamá también and directing Rudo y Cursi, tragicomedy Amalgam is director Carlos Cuarón’s third feature film. Featuring a stellar cast including Colombia’s Manolo Cardona (Narcos), Peruvian star Stephanie Cayo (Club de Cuervos), Mexico’s Miguel Rodarte (Time Share) and Mexican-American Tony Dalton (Better Call Saul), this is a film about confronting personal truths and finding oneself.

Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)
Carlos Cuarón
Manolo Cardona, Miguel Rodarte, Tony Dalton, Stephanie Cayo
92 min | Comedy, Drama | 2020 | Spanish with English subtitles
The chemistry between the four is evident.


Best Screenplay, Trieste Ibero-Latin American FF 2021
Best Score, Miami International Film Festival 2022
Best Iberoamerican Film, Málaga Spanish FF 2021