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Begin Again

Begin Again

Tornar a començar

Concerned about climate change, climate physicist and oceanographer Dr. Anna Cabré Albós takes part in Homeward Bound 2019, a pioneering training and empowerment program for women that aims to create a global network of scientists working for planetary sustainability.

Using handheld-shot footage taken on the expedition and post-trip interviews, Begin Again is a fascinating personal documentary following Anna’s journey. In constant dialogue with her colleagues, Anna poses the main challenges for planetary sustainability and gender equality from a new perspective brought by her recent maternity.

Surrounded by an immense Antarctic landscape, on board, climate awareness brings the women together and Anna discovers her vocation.

The film will be accompanied by a Q&A in Melbourne and Sydney.

Australian Premiere
15+ (exemption)
Anna Cabré Albós, Isaac Liupiañez Fontanet
Anna Cabré Albós
52 min | Documentary | Spain | 2021 | Catalan with English subtitles


Suncine Environmental FF 2021, Equis Festival de Cine 2021, Mujeres en Escena 2021