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New Spanish Cinema


Con quién viajas

In this entertaining comedy, four travellers meet in Madrid’s city centre through a rideshare app to travel south by car to Murcia.

During the journey, the passengers chat about aspects of their lives to break the ice. Everything flows naturally, but the three passengers begin to suspect the possible motivations of the peculiar driver, Julián (Salva Reina, Marshland), who behaves strangely from the start.

Gradually exchanging secrets and emotions with an element of mistrust, these four individuals will have a more surreal and fun trip than they expected. Along the way, they will learn a lot about who they are travelling with and about themselves.

Bringing together a cast of renowned actors such as Salva Reina, Ana Polvorosa (My Big Night), Pol Monen and Andrea Duro, Carpoolers is filled with dialogue, comical situations and tension as it questions first impressions. Set almost entirely inside the car, Martín Cuervo’s directorial debut delivers the perfect combination of road movie, comedy and suspense.

Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)
Martín Cuervo
Salva Reina, Ana Polvorosa, Andrea Duro, Pol Monen
87 min | Comedy | Spain | 2021 | Spanish with English subtitles


Best Spanish Film, Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2021
Best First Film, Almería International Short Film Festival 2021