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Dying confirms Fernando Franco as one of the reliable assets of contemporary Spanish cinema.
El Confidencial

After winning Best New Director at the 2014 Spanish Academy Awards (Goya) for Wounded, on-the-rise filmmaker Fernando Franco returns with his second feature Dying.

Marian Álvarez, Franco’s award-winning star of Wounded, leads the film as Marta, a vivacious woman understandably pushed to the edge of her emotional limits when her partner is diagnosed with a brain tumour. Luis (Goya-award nominee Andrés Gertrúdix) at first pretends all is well after a recent illness, but while the couple are on holidays, he drops the revelation. Surrounded by vast ocean, Marta is left to dwell on the seriousness on the situation. Luis’s pride and aversion to change only adds to Marta’s turmoil. He doesn’t want the pity of others and is keeping his diagnosis a secret. The responsibility to both care for Luis and keep his secret weighs on Marta causing her to wonder how she can cope with carrying the burden alone.

This captivating drama is adapted from a novel by Arthur Schnitzler, best known for penning the novel on which Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut was based.

NOMINATEDBest Lead Actor, Spanish Academy Awards (Goya) 2018
NOMINATEDBest Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Feroz Awards 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTIONSan Sebastían International Film Festival 2017
DirectorFernando Franco
CastMarian Álvarez, Andrés Gertrúdix, Iñigo Aranburu
Spain | 2017 | 102 min
Spanish with English subtitles
18+ (exemption)