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Featuring one of the most spectacular ensemble casts in Spanish film in recent years.
The Hollywood Reporter

After collaborating on the historical epic Alatriste starring Viggo Mortensen, Agustín Díaz Yañes reunites with novelist Arturo Pérez Reverte for this violent, passionate odyssey through the New World featuring a standout cast of Spain’s finest actors.

Central America, 1540. Beaten by the rain, heat, humidity and fever, a group of Spanish deserters march through landscapes populated by wild animals and hostile locals. Word has reached the deserters that another group of soldiers is coming to take them prisoner or kill them in the name of the Emperor. So their only hope is to keep moving forward until they reach El Dorado, but as desperation takes its toll, the group fragments. As brave as they are cruel, the rebels plot and kill one another, conspiring and betraying in an environment of constant violence and tension. One by one, they fall as they near their goal.

An adventure movie packed with death, suspense and intrigue about greed and the search for El Dorado. Gold is high end and high budget entertainment from director Yañes (best known for Don’t Tempt Me starring Penélope Cruz).

NOMINATEDBest Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Special Effects, Best Makeup and Hairstyle, Spanish Academy Awards (Goya) 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTIONSeville European Film Festival 2017
DirectorAgustín Díaz Yañes
CastAnna Castillo, Óscar Jaenada, Bárbara Lennie, José Coronado, Raúl Arévalo
Spain | 2017 | 103 min
Spanish with English subtitles
18+ (exemption)