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Sexually explicit and packed with unforgettable images…Luna's work easily equals that of the better known Pedro Almodóvar in the kitsch-and-think drama department.
Radio Times

The second film in the Iberian Trilogy after Jamón, Jamón (1992) comes a razor-sharp sexual satire from Bigas Luna.

Benito González (Javier Bardem) is a macho construction worker in Benidorm and has three passions: fried eggs, building skyscrapers and having sex. He dreams big, he dreams of erecting the tallest skyscraper in the region. He marries Marta (Maria de Medeiros, Pulp Fiction 1994), the educated daughter of a banker whose money Benito needs. It seems that all his dreams could come true, especially when he's able to see his former girlfriend on the side; Claudia (Maribel Verdú, also in this year’s No Filter), a model who wants to be a star. But can his force of personality – his huevos de oro – compensate for shoddy building materials, no permits, and undercapitalization?

Also featuring Benicio del Toro, Golden Balls is a provocative dip into the playful dynamics of sexual power play. Bigas Luna mixes admiration for this full-blooded fool with a rueful warning about the dangers of machismo.

WINNERSpecial Prize of the Jury, San Sebastián International Film Festival 1993
WINNERBest Actor, Fotogramas de Plata 1994
NOMINATEDBest Actor, Spanish Academy Awards (Goya) 1994
DirectorBigas Luna
CastJavier Bardem, Maribel Verdú, Maria de Medeiros, Alessandro Gassman, Benicio Del Toro
Spain | 1993 | 88 min
Spanish with English subtitles