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New Spanish Cinema
15+ (exemption)



59-year-old Isidro Hernández (Carlos Iglesias) is unemployed, having gone two years without receiving any job offers. So, he decides the only way to get back to work and feel useful again is to start his own business. But in a globalised world where youth and technology reign supreme, what can he undertake when society relegates those his age to the role of caring for their grandchildren? 

The answer is clear: with the help of Arturo (Roberto Álvarez), a successful writer of romantic novels, and Desiderio (Ramón Barea, Rosa’s Wedding SPA21), a retiree who wants to be a grandfather, they will embark on an ambitious project: setting up a kindergarten. 

To develop it, the three friends enter a coworking space, full of young people, where they will have to bring out the entrepreneur within them to get their venture off the ground. 

A crowd-pleasing and affectionate comedy about modern working environments from debut director Santiago Requejo, Grandfathers proves that one is never too old to start something new.

201998 minComedy, DramaSpain
Director: Santiago Requejo
Cast: Carlos Iglesias, Roberto Álvarez, Ramón Barea, Mercedes Sampietro
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Australian Premiere
Marvellous performances of the leading trio.
Film Dreams


Solidarity Medal, Cinema Writers Circle Awards 2020
Best Director, Best Actor, Festival Internacional de Cine bajo la Luna 2020
First Feature Award, Miami Film Festival 2020