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J: Beyond Flamenco
Retrospective: Focus on Carlos Saura
18+ (exemption)

J: Beyond Flamenco

Jota de Saura

Carlos Saura’s fascination with world music occupied the filmmaker for decades. For this work he profiles a key piece of the cultural identity from Aragón, his place of birth; the Jota. A traditional dance and music style from a region in North-eastern Spain, as with Fados, Saura's earlier film on Portuguese music, J: Beyond Flamenco features performances by various musicians and dancers, as well as interviews and other expert commentary on the Jota tradition.

Fusing scenes of daily life in Aragón and footage of local festivals where the Jota is performed, the use of innovative cinematography and lighting techniques, combined with the vibrant colours of the costumes and scenery, creates a visually stunning portrayal of the Jota tradition.

Continuing the performative themes of his work, J: Beyond Flamenco offers Saura the canvas to celebrate Aragonese culture and its musical heritage, showcasing the beauty and vitality of the Jota and highlights its significance in the region's history and identity.

201687 minDocumentarySpain
Director: Carlos Saura
Cast: Sara Baras, Miguel Ángel Berna, Carlos Núñez, Ara Malikian
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
The legendary Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura captures the vivacity and charisma of the jota, a waltz-like castanet dance with its origins in Saura’s home province of Aragon.


Best Documentary, Premios ACE 2018