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Elena Martín succeeds in combining original subject matter with narrative strength in her directorial debut.

The big winner of both the Best Film and Best Director at the 2017 Málaga Film Festival, Júlia is, premiered to critical acclaim, and tells the story of a Catalan architecture student who decides to go to Berlin on exchange.

Director Elena Martín herself stars as Júlia, a student who, afraid of her growing apathy, embarks on an impromptu exchange to the German capital. She leaves behind her protective family and her long-term boyfriend, Jordi – who she’s still with almost by routine. In her eyes, Berlin is a paradise where she can start a new life, one that’s filled with new stimuli. But the big city turns out to be cold, unapproachable, dark and slightly hostile for anyone who doesn’t have a perfect mastery of its language or rhythms. At the same time, the cracks are starting to show in her relationship with Jordi.

Faced with her new and baffling life, Júlia has no choice but to move forwards and unearth the most cheerful sides of the city, experimenting with something similar to freedom, without family or emotional ties.

WINNERBest Film, Best Director, Zonazine Section - Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2017
NOMINATEDBest First Film, Violette d’Or, Toulouse Cinespaña 2017
NOMINATEDBest Non-Catalan Language Film, Best Editing, Gaudí Awards 2018
NOMINATEDSpecial Award, Feroz Awards 2018
DirectorElena Martín
CastPau Balaguer, Julius Brauer, Jakob D'Aprile, Carla Linares, Elena Martín, Oriol Puig
Spain | 2017 | 90 min
English, Spanish, Catalan and German with English Subtitles
18+ (exemption)