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Lord, Give Me Patience

Lord, Give Me Patience

Señor, dame paciencia

Writer/director Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo maps out the road trip of a lifetime, as a dysfunctional family is forced to squeeze into a van to fulfil the last wish of their mother, resulting in a Little Miss Sunshine-esque comedy with a distinctly Spanish twist, and the second most-watched film in Spain in early 2017.

Gregorio (Jordi Sánchez, Heroes Wanted SFF17) is an ultraconservative banker from Madrid, and an ardent supporter of Real Madrid. He and his wife María (Rossy de Palma, Broken Embraces 2009) have (in Gregorio’s old-fashioned view) three disappointing adult children: the eldest Sandra is married to a Catalonian, the middle child Alicia is a free-spirited sweetheart dating an anarchist Andalusian, and Carlos, the youngest is dating a boy from the Basque Country.

After of the sudden death of María, Gregorio discovers that her last wish was for him, his children and their partners to spend a weekend together to try and smooth their differences. Little does Gregorio know that his children’s various secrets are about to put his already strained capacity for acceptance to the test!

OFFICIAL SELECTIONMálaga Film Festival 2017
DirectorÁlvaro Díaz Lorenzo
CastJordi Sánchez, Rossy de Palma, Megan Montaner, David Guapo
Spain | 2017 | 91 min
Spanish with English subtitles
18+ (exemption)