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Mighty Victoria
Cine Latino
18+ (exemption)

Mighty Victoria

El Poderoso Victoria

1936. The town of La Esperanza in the Mexican desert receives the news of the closure of the mine, its main economic driver. A few days later, they learn of the closing of the railroad route, the only connection between the remote village and civilisation. 

Durán (Gerardo Oñate), a young mechanic and aspiring engineer, receives the news that he has lost his job and sees his dream of becoming a train driver go up in smoke. In the town, desperation takes hold as people rush to board the last train, leaving the town desolate. 

Durán must decide: will he cross the northern border to the USA like so many others, leaving behind his roots and the love of his life, or will he join a group of locals and their crazy plan to build a steam engine with their bare hands, led by master mechanic Don Federico (Damián Alcázar, also in The King of all the World). 

Written and directed by Raúl Ramón in his feature film debut, Mighty Victoria is an entertaining adventure and tribute to Mexican wit.

2021117 minAdventure, Comedy, DramaMexico
Director: Raúl Ramón
Cast: Damián Alcázar, Gerardo Oñate, Roberto Sosa
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Australian Premiere
Seamlessly blending fact and fiction into a wholly original experience.


Best Director, Ferrara Film Festival 2022
Audience Award, San Diego Latino Film Festival 2022
Audience Award, Guadalajara International Film Festival 2021

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