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Operation Goldenshell

Operation Goldenshell

Operación concha
A love letter to the world of film set in a beautiful city and dressed to impress. Fun and determined to make sure the audience have a good time... Mission accomplished.
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Jordi Mollà (also in this year’s Jamón, Jamón) and Karra Elejalde (also in this year’s The Bastards’ Fig Tree) lead this action-comedy of mix-ups, subterfuge and deception all set in the beautiful city of San Sebastián.

Operation Goldenshell centres on a film production company in the throes of bankruptcy, managed by the unscrupulous Marcos Ruiz de Aldazábal (Elejalde). Taking full advantage of the fact that the annual internationally renowned San Sebastián Film Festival is in full swing, Marcos hatches a plan that lands somewhere between Oceans 12 and The Producers to con a millionaire investor. He hires a lookalike (played by Mollá) to pretend to be the famous “movie star” Ray Silvela – a renowned US actor of Cuban heritage – whom he knows the investor greatly admires.

It’s the perfect hustle. Fantastically timed plot twists unfold as all the best elements of the hustler genre come together: mobsters, charmers, betrayals, romance, heartbreak and suspense. The all-star cast is clearly having a great time, and as the final pieces slot into place you can’t help but smile at the final surprise.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONSan Sebastián Film Festival 2017
DirectorAntonio Cuadri
CastJordi Mollà, Karra Elejalde, Bárbara Goenaga, Unax Ugalde, Ramón Agirre
Spain | 2017 | 101 min
Spanish with English subtitles
15+ (exemption)