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Polyamory for Dummies
New Spanish Cinema

Polyamory for Dummies

Poliamor para principiantes

Satur (Karra Elejalde, While at War) and Tina (Toni Acosta) are a couple who have fallen into the routine of a long marriage. To add to that, their son Manu (Quim Ávila, Hache), a mediocre Youtuber, is already 28 years old and still living with them.

To add some excitement to his life, Satur turns his son into “The Ranger of Love”, a successful masked YouTuber who defends romantic love and falls head over heels for Amanda (María Pedraza, Money Heist). What Manu does not know is that Amanda is polyamorous and has relationships with Marta and Esteban, wealthy doctors with two children, Claudia, a trans girl who works in the world of fashion and Alex, a skydiving instructor and beefy model. When he finds about this, with the excuse to help his son, Satur will also start experimenting polyamory in an effort to revive his marriage.

An amusing and slightly naughty comedy directed by Fernando Colomo (Isla Bonita), in Polyamory for Dummies fun and laughter are guaranteed.

Australian Premiere
18+ (exemption)
Fernando Colomo
Karra Elejalde, Quim Àvila, María Pedraza, Toni Acosta
97 min | Comedy, Romance | Spain, France | 2021 | Spanish with English subtitles


Barcelona Film Festival 2021