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Carlos Saura

Lord of Dance: 
A Focus on Carlos Saura

This retrospective showcases a selection of works from filmmaker Carlos Saura, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Brimming with vibrant passion for music, art and dance, Saura’s work displays his dedication to culture and creativity.

Closing Night

This 40th anniversary presentation showcases Carlos Saura's biggest international box-office success with this self-reflexive meditation on both Bizet's popular opera Carmen, featuring legendary dancers Antonio Gades and Laura del Sol.

A cinematic collage of incredible music, extraordinary dance forms and stunning visuals, this musical explores the folkloric tradition of the music and dance of Mexico.

Australian Premiere

A unique film experience investigating fado, a traditional Portuguese music genre dating back to 1820 featuring top artists and dancer from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde.

An intimate engagement with the vivacity and charisma of the jota, a waltz-like castanet dance originating in the province of Aragon, the birthplace of Carlos Saura.

In his final film before his death in 2023, Carlos Saura investigates how “the wall” ties in with the evolution and relationship of art, acting as a creative canvas for thousands of years. 

All sessions will be preceded by the short film Goya: May 3.

Australian Premiere

In this short work, Carlos Saura “repaints” Francisco de Goya’s canvas ‘The Third of May 1808’. An innovative audio-visual project that offers a cinematographic recreation of Goya's iconic painting.