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Santo and Blue Demon vs Dr. Frankenstein
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Santo and Blue Demon Vs Dr. Frankenstein

Santo y Blue Demon contra el doctor Frankenstein

In this beautifully restored Mexican cult classic, El Santo, the legendary perpetually-masked Lucha Libre wrestler, and sidekick masked wrestler Blue Demon battle the grandson of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. 

In 1970s Mexico, Dr. Irving Frankenstein (Jorge Russek), a 113-year-old mad scientist, is obsessed with bringing his late wife back to life. He experiments with brain transplants, obtaining test subjects by having young women kidnapped which draws the attention of the police, Santo, and Blue Demon.

Now he wants Santo’s brain to perfect one of his monstrous creations and intends to reach him through Alicia (Sasha Montenegro, who would soon become a major star of Mexican cinema), who has ties to Santo. When she disappears Santo and Blue Demon search for her.

Presented with English-language dialogue, Santo and Blue Demon Vs Dr. Frankenstein is bright and colourful lucha libre entertainment. 

*This film will screen in English (dubbed version). Tickets at general admission prices.

18+ (exemption)
Miguel M. Delgado
Santo, Blue Demon, Sasha Montenegro, Jorge Russek
95 min | Action, Horror | Mexico | 1974 | English (dubbed version)
The film has lots of cheesy fun for genre fans.
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