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Skin in Flames
New Spanish Cinema

Skin in Flames

La piel en llamas

This dramatic thriller from Spanish director David Martín Porras (The Chain), features two-faced characters and surprising twists. Based on the internationally renowned play of the same name, this adaptation of Skin in Flames, set in an undefined African country, reveals the hidden face of armed conflict and ponders the ambivalence of developed nations’ interventions in countries at war.

Frederick Salomon (Óscar Jaenada, Xtremo), a war photojournalist who became worldwide famous for capturing the image of a girl flying through the air as consequence of an explosion, returns to the country where he took the celebrated picture twenty years before. He is back to receive an award, as many consider him essential in the recent peace efforts in the troubled country. But a local journalist, Hanna (Ella Kweku) doesn’t agree, and wants to kill him for a reason only Salomon knows.

Inspired by the world-famous photograph of the Napalm Girl in Vietnam, the script is written by Guillem Clua (The Innocent), the playwright of the award-winning original stage production.

Australian Premiere
David Martín-Porras
Óscar Jaenada, Ella Kweku, Fernando Tejero, Lidia Nené
87 min | Drama | Spain | 2022 | Spanish with English subtitles