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Someone Who Takes Care of Me
New Spanish Cinema
18+ (exemption)

Someone Who Takes Care of Me

Alguien que cuide de mi

Nora (Aura Garrido, The Ministry of Time) is a young actress with a promising future who balances between the two key pillars of her life: her grandmother Lilith (Magüi Mira), who, although now retired, reigned for decades as a great lady of the theatre, and her mother Cecilia (multi-award-winning actress Emma Suárez, Julieta), whose professional career languishes after having achieved some glory in the rogue cabarets of the 1980s. 

With her career on the rise, Nora makes the discovery that her mother is keeping a secret which has marked her entire life. United by family ties but separated by generational conflicts, jealousy and misunderstood love, mutual dependence flows between them. 

A much-loved writer in the Spanish literary scene, Elvira Lindo makes her directorial debut in collaboration with veteran film director Daniela Fejerman, with this adaptation of an unpublished text of her own. With artistic creation as a backdrop, Someone Who Takes Care of Me is an affectionate drama about the world of acting, fame and family.

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202397 minComedy DramaSpain
Director: Elvira Lindo, Daniela Fejerman
Cast: Emma Suárez, Aura Garrido, Magüi Mira, Pedro Mari Sanchez
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Australian Premiere
Cutting and courageous dialogues between the three generations.


Malaga Film Festival 2023
Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival 2023