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The Te$t
New Spanish Cinema
18+ (exemption)

The Te$t

El Test

Based on the eponymous play by Jordi Vallejo, The Te$t is an intelligent comedy about money, love and ambition, from expert comedy director Dani de la Orden (You Keep the Kids SPA22, The Wedding Unplanner SPA21). 

Following in the footsteps of Perfect Strangers, this all-star ensemble of Carlos Santos (Smoke & Mirrors), Miren Ibarguren (You Keep the Kids! SPA22), Alberto San Juan (also in Four’s a Crowd) and Blanca Suárez (Cable Girls) delivers a chaotic reunion where a life-changing question is raised among friends. Héctor and Paula, a middle-class couple with serious financial problems, suddenly find themselves confronted with a life-altering proposition. Toni, an old friend, proposes they take a personality test created by Berta, his girlfriend and successful psychologist. The test consists of one single question: “What would you prefer, one hundred thousand euros right now or a million in ten years?” 

As they discover, the answer is not easy. Not only must they agree on their choice, but their decision will unleash unexpected consequences and asks if you can place a price on your principles.

2022105 minComedy, DramaSpain
Director: Dani de la Orden
Cast: Miren Ibarguren, Alberto San Juan, Carlos Santos, Blanca Suárez
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Australian Premiere
All the comedy mechanisms, times, replicas and twists work perfectly.
Las Furias Magazine


Best Spanish Film, Málaga Spanish Film Festival 2022

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