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The Woman from Uruguay
Cine Latino
18+ (exemption)

The Woman from Uruguay

La Uruguaya

Adapted from the best-selling and acclaimed novel by Pedro Mairal, Ana García Blaya’s (The Good Intentions SPA21) astute drama The Woman from Uruguay is an unorthodox film project revolving around a writer. 

Lucas (Sebastián Arzeno, The Good Intentions SPA21) is a 40-something Argentine writer having a mid-life crisis, who believes he will find relief from his daily frustrations – a crumbling marriage and barely-making-it career – on a long-awaited getaway to Montevideo. 

His excuse for the trip is to circumvent the Argentine money exchange restrictions, but the truth is different. He dreams of reuniting with Magalí (Fiorella Bottaioli) a much younger woman that he met on a previous trip and with whom he has maintained a playful long-distance relationship ever since. 

In this abyss between desire and reality, Lucas will discover that neither women nor cities exist to satisfy his fantasies, as this day turns out to be the most unexpected and transformative day of his life.

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202278 minDramaArgentina, Uruguay
Director: Ana García Blaya
Cast: Fiorella Bottaioli, Sebastián Arzeno, Gustavo Garzón
Language: Spanish with English subtitles
Australian Premiere


Best Director: International Competition, Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2022
Best Actress, Critics Award, ACCEC Criticism Award, Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival 2023

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