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Wild Flowers
New Spanish Cinema
18+ (exemption)

Wild Flowers

Girasoles silvestres

This powerful new drama from Goya Award-winning director Jaime Rosales (Petra) follows the harrowing struggles of a young mother trying to flourish despite the men in her life. 

22-year-old Julia (a dazzling Anna Castillo, The Olive Tree), the mother of two children, falls in love with the troubled Oscar (Oriol Pla, Petra, SPA19). They start an intense and tortuous relationship full of ups and downs. As they spend more time together, Julia begins to doubt whether Oscar is the person she needs by her side and questions his suitability as a male role model for her children. 

When a violent incident occurs, Julia is prompted to look for a better future, setting out on a personal journey in search of happiness for herself and her family. 

Ranging in tone from light to intense, Wild Flowers is a brutally honest reflection on a single mother’s everyday life, her elusive search for affection and stability, and the impact of toxic masculinity on relationships.

2022107 minDramaSpain, France
Director: Jaime Rosales
Cast: Anna Castillo, Oriol Pla, Quim Àvila, Lluís Marquès, Manolo Solo, Carolina Yuste
Language: Spanish, Catalan with English subtitles
Australian Premiere
Played with a remarkable attention to emotional truthfulness.
Screen International


Best Actress, Goya Awards 2023
Best Film, San Sebastián International Film Festival 2022
Best Actress, Best Actor, Gaudí Awards 2023