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Singled [Out]

Q&A Screening

Singled [Out]

Melbourne-based Spanish filmmaker Mariona Guiu together with Barcelona-based Ariadna Relea present this documentary shot in Australia, China, Turkey and Spain on the lingering stigma and place of single women over thirty in across the globe.

Being single is no easy feat in a world where coupling and marriage remains the norm. Singled [Out] tells the story of five women who live daily with this implicit (or in some cases explicit) pressure to couple up, questioning why this expectation still exists in the modern world. Like Yang, a 35-year-old successful lawyer in Shanghai, labelled shengnu, or “leftover” for being over 30 and unmarried. In fact, in each language there is still a word to designate single women from a certain age: like “spinster” in English or “solterona” in Spanish. None of them describe a choice, but a lack of success.

Writer and feminist Eva Cox aptly sums the documentary project up, saying it illustrates “how myths are so embedded that women just assume that if they don’t want a partner there is something wrong with them.”


Palace Cinema Como
Thursday 3 May 
6.45PM screening followed by Q&A

Palace Cinema Como
Thur 10 May
6.45PM Introduction with directors + Film